Vicente Fox Seeks Interdependent North America and Emerging World Government

Aaron Dykes
February 16, 2008

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox indicated that he would favor the emergence of a world government and also reaffirmed his support for a North American Union during a conversation with

We Are Change confronts Vincente Fox

Fox told cameras, “I would love to see the process [of World Government] adapted to the local situation.”

Fox played down concerns that sovereignty would be compromised under NAFTA and other agreements facilitating integration— asserting claims that Germany and Great Britain had lost no sovereignty under the EU.

He indicated that the ‘original agreement’ under the SPP (Security & Prosperity Partnership) had not moved forward at the pace that he had desired, but that progress was underway. Fox expressed hopes that the next U.S. administration could reassess and advance the agreement.

Former President Fox made the statements during a question and answer session at a joint event by the National Endowment for Democracy and the Foreign Policy Association in New York. (Full Speech) Incredibly, after the speech, it was Fox who approached reporter Luke Rudkowski for further discussion (after Rudkowski asked an initial question).

Fox denied that plans for the Trans-Texas Corridor and the NAFTA super-highway were being advanced in any official capacity— making clear that the highways were “not a government project” but that he “welcomed” the link between the nations.

Fox also called the United States “a very selfish country,” clearly bolstering support for any aid or benefit to Mexico and making clear his favorable opinion of globalization. Vicente Fox instead urged “solidarity” between the nations.

Along these lines, a White House proposal has recently surfaced that would grant $1.4 billion to ‘secure’ Mexico’s borders Current Mexican President Felipe Calderon recently called for the U.S. to continue to welcome migrants, stating that the two nations’ economies were already ‘interdependent’ and that ‘closing the doors’ would cause harm.

Vincente Fox on Larry King Live

Vicente Fox previously discussed the possibility of a unified currency similar to the Euro with Larry King, indicating that a “trade union for all of the Americas” (ALCA) had been proposed by President Bush and himself. Fox then clarified, “Well, that would be long, long term. I think the processes to go, first step into is trading agreement. And then further on, a new vision, like we are trying to do with NAFTA.”

Fox had also commented on the Daily Show that globalization and NAFTA had “absolutely” benefited both the U.S. and Mexico. He said that he favored a ‘long term’ approach towards a North American Union.