There's a War on For Your Mind

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Adam Miller
We Are Change Minnesota
Minneapolis End the Fed Rally
April 25th, 2009

There’s a war on for your mind.

Battle hardened vets, hearts are breaking
Soul worn thin from lives we’re taking

Depleted Uranium + Fluoridated water
Conscience dead from endless slaughter…

…There is a WAR on For Your Mind.

Eden stained crimson with blood-soaked sand
Hatred run rampant throughout the Holy Land

Amputated limbs of weeping children
Bomb fell short + missed the villain…

…There is a WAR on For Your Mind.

Prozac dreams are FDA approved
Machine-gun fire + an altered mood

MK-ULTRA, mind control
WAR is on for your mind + your soul…

…There is a WAR on For Your Mind.

A market in decline + a weakened dollar
Can’t afford the groceries + the milk’s gone sour

Defaulted on my mortgage, can’t pay the bank
Cant feed my family, can’t put gas in the tank

Hyperinflation is on exponential rise
Educational system in severe decline

Son home from school, didn’t make the grade
Laid off this week + didn’t get paid

Credit Default Swaps + Option Arms
America in distress, sound the alarm!

But apathy sets in, mass-media managed
When’s “Deal or No Deal” on?… We must be brain-damaged…

…There is a WAR on for Your Mind.

International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization
Central Banking Systems control every nation

Truth is, you see, money equals debt
We’d fix 3rd World hunger but they’ve not paid us back yet

We loaned them cash, at interest rates unreasonable
Sent in the economic hit-men to make them more agreeable

What’s this my friends, you can’t settle your debt?
That is all right, we can work this out yet!

Simply adjust your budget + tighten your belt
We’ll plunder your resources, consume all your wealth.

We start with your oil, we need cheap energy
Make room for Exxon, Shell + BP

Forsake your own people, your very homeland
Cut spending on health-care + social programs

If you refuse, your nation we lay waste
Laser-guided munitions delivered with haste

Caspian pipe-lines will export your black gold
You do not ask questions. You do as you’re told!

WAKE UP America, abandon assumption
We no longer produce, we’ve turned to consumption!

We have grown decadent. It’s gone to our head
It’s high time that we act, time we ENDed the Fed!

They print their fake money so hey what’s the difference?
Your income tax doesn’t even cover the interest!

Now We can see, a new world coming into view
A system of control, that is run by the few.

This war on Terror, it’s just an illusion
Order Out of Chaos; Problem, Reaction, Solution

Operation Northwoods, staged war pretext…
911 Was an INSIDE JOB! + we’ll NEVER FORGET!…

…There is a WAR ON for Your Mind.

It ain’t getting easier, politicians are greedy and getting much sleazier

The left/right paradigm, it’s testing my patience!
Republicrats in the Council on Foreign Relations!

Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission
Round Table Groups demanding submission!

Bush, Kerry, Cheney, Obama
They’re all blood related! Enough with the drama!

Kissinger calls for population reduction
Iraqi children fit for human consumption!

Albright + Clinton, supporting UN trade sanctions
Sanctimonious nihilism corrupting all nations

The New World Order shed blood as they toil
As the people of conscience shout, “No blood for Oil!”

It is time to WAKE UP! The Republic is under attack
Your freedom is gone thanks to the Patriot Act!

John Warner Defense Authorization
Laying siege on the Prozac Nation

Executive Orders, PD 51
Consolidation of power enforced by the gun

REX 85, FEMA Internment Camps
Martial Law on the horizon without your consent!

Surrender your weapons, your soul, your rights
Don’t resist us, don’t put up a fight!

You are to be servile, obedient, controlled
The New World Order is to be extolled.

…And when you look back, at what you have lost
Would you not bare any burden + pay any cost?

To retain what is God given + fight for the cause!
It is true what they say, not all is yet lost

So take heart, my good friends, and drink from the cup
Freedom will ring, as the people wake up

Once more my good friends, keep you nose to the grind
Cherish Liberty always… because there is a WAR on for your mind.



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