The Decade of Resistance

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Nate Clark
We Are Change Minnesota
December 31st, 2009

Consider this counterpoint to Paul Watson’s tragically accurate depiction of our last ten years as a decade of tyranny a new year’s call to arms in the information war.


Raise your fist in resistance!

Fear mongering, corporatist looting and governmental encroachment on our rights from so many angles have had the consequence of sending previously fractured (anti-globalization, patriot, sovereign citizen, health freedom, 9/11 truth, tax protest and countless other) movements toward convergence on the pursuit of liberty as the uniting cause of the day.

In the spirit of "100 Signs We Are Winning" by James Corbett, here are some of the defining moments of the past decade that have inspired ever increasing numbers to stand up and resist tyranny:

1999 — Seattle WTO Protests

Suppression of the protests outside the World Trade Organization’s convention in Seattle showed how ruthlessly the global architects will behave in suppression of dissent and was met with backlash in public opinion. This outrage at how the Seattle protests were handled fueled the fire of demonstration against domineering, unaccountable globalist meetings to come.

2000 — Y2K Fear Mongering and Preparedness

Even before 9/11, fear mongering was the name of the game and the corporate media pushed Y2K—their latest scare—to a sensational brink. In a rare shift from the 90’s debt explosion fueled frenzy of over-consumption, people started thinking about self-sufficiency and preparedness—a minor chip in the facade of wellfarism. In hindsight, the Y2K frenzy was so absurdly overblown that many people would become healthily skeptical of the mainstream media.

2001 — 9/11 and the Age of Fear Mongering

Fear mongering entered a new era with the most psychologically influential event to-date. As the public gradually overcomes its emotional trauma, reflection on the events of 9/11/2001 leaves far more questions unanswered than answered. For many, realization of a cover-up on the scale of 9/11 will be the last straw before finally getting involved in the resistance.

2002 — Iraq War Peddling

The Iraq war was sold by a program of lies and disinformation so bold-faced that only the most brainwashed were convinced. These lies have become the foundation of widespread mistrust in government and at the time breathed fresh air into the anti-war movement.

2003 — SARS and Pandemic Fear Mongering

The severe acute respiratory syndrome episode in ’03 was ridiculous on its face. People who may have been swayed by fear at the time can look back to how SARS was hyped and begin to see through the propaganda more recently pushed via the avian and swine flu scares.

2004 — The 9/11 Truth Movement

The 9/11 Commission Report showed us how brazen our bureaucracy is willing to act in the face of public outrage. The Commission, which only happened due to the demands of victims’ families, provided the foregone Al Qaida bogeyman conclusion without even mentioning the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 and fueled the burgeoning 9/11 Truth movement.

2005 — Blogging

The information starved populace found increasing relief from corporate media whoredom as the Internet increasingly replaced the journalistic bankruptcy of the old regime.

2006 — We Are Change

The now over 200 chapter strong We Are Change movement which began in New York in ’06 would sweep across the globe the following year. New chapters sprang to life inspired by resistance journalism embodied by We Are Change.

2007 — Ron Paul

Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign cured the political apathy of untold scores of activits-to-be and thrust the ideal of liberty back into the spotlight of mainstream U.S. politics. In ’07, thousands of patriots left their armchairs to join forces in restoration of our republic.

2008 — Economic Fear Mongering

More consequences of the Alan Greenspan easy money program unraveled and were shamelessly exploited by the powers that be to loot the American taxpayer. Add economic terrorism to the list of modes in which the fear mongers attempt to beat the public into submission. While the public may remain largely ignorant of the root cause of our current economic situation, they are all quite familiar with what crying wolf is. The economy will worsen before it improves, and light pocketbooks are sure to draw ever increasing numbers to the resistance.

2009 — Hope for Change

President Barack Obama has given the truth movement hope for real change. The “Brand Obama” marketing effort’s diversionary tactics can only be so successful in hiding the new president’s overwhelming lack of change from our well established march toward despotism. The more absurdly our rights and qualities of life are offended by the system, the more a backlash against the plundering establishment becomes inevitable.

The Decade of Freedom!

Expansion of global government is the obvious solution being provided to the manufactured problems being rammed down our throats, but any future catastrophic and catalyzing event may backfire instead of being another nail in the coffin of human freedom. The public is losing faith in the system and is ready for change—exactly the reaction desired by the system which intentionally creates problems in order to offer freedom crushing solutions.

The question for the next decade is can this movement wrest control of the next major dialectical “synthesis” from the system and replace it with one of liberty. While “The Decade of Resistance” is a wishful thought, it is also a resolution. Over the next decade, the Internet threatens to ignite a new Renaissance. It costs nothing to get involved while information is easily communicated and relatively free. Now is the time to turn propagandistic strengths into weaknesses.


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