School Systems '5 S Strategy'

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The ‘ 5 S Strategy ‘ By Robert Wanek.

Changing the environment of a school

1 . The Slavery Solution
“Educators opting to create an enslaved atmosphere instead of creativity. Strict rules and unconstitutional actions serve as a substitute for promoting individuality.”

This allows schools to avoid diversity, and ‘outcasts’ questioning their actions. Creating a herd mentality amongst the student body, destroying personal choice and individuality often in the name of pride or spirit.

2. The Superior Solution
“Constantly promoting the idea of superiority. Conjoined with the premise that ‘elders’ or those in positions of power are always right. Teaching that questioning authority is wrong and punishable.”

Schools set the precedent that no matter how ridiculous, ludicrous, or unlawful their rules and guidelines may be, questioning them is wrong and punishable. If you are not in a position of power, backed by a paper certificate telling you that you passed tests and read books to attain your authority you now have no say in any academic process. Questioning teachers may also be classified as ‘disrespect.

3. The Social Solution
“Attacking a students social life an attempt to break their will or motivation to speak out. Damaging them mentally or emotionally to stop advocacy.”

The Social Solution is made up of several unique branches which include
a – Lowering Students Grades
b – Unwarranted Punishments
c – Secluding Students From Groups And Activities
d – Lying To Students Parents About Behavior, Grades, Or Situations
e – Classroom Embarrassment And Humiliation

Once you have no structure outside of school, work, home. You have no will to make steps forward against teachers and faculty when they wrong you, you have no support from others in the school, and even your family may believe you are now a bad kid because of spoken word and slander from your educators.

4. The Success Solution
“ Habitually preaching the idea that diplomas translate into success. Teaching that learning how to pass tests and meet state standards is more important than self education.”

This solution ensures that the majority of the graduating population will be satisfied with mediocre 9-5 jobs that they don’t enjoy or excel at. They have been taught that diplomas of acceptance and job titles equal success and that pioneering and creativity means nothing in modern society.

5. The Suicide Solution
“The complete obstruction of a students education. The refusal to assist pupils in their schooling, eventually causing the ‘educational suicide’ of the student (Drop out or Transfer.) Erasing all free thinkers and labeled ‘non conformists’ from the school.”

Used daily to rid the systems of people who can take a stand against the injustices, kids who exercise their rights, and students who don’t tread the line of popular belief and are viewed as ‘threats’ and ‘RED FLAGGED’ by officials.

Robert Wanek


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