Satire: US General In Afghanistan Hates America

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Adam Miller
We Are Change Minnesota
April 5th, 2010

Unpatriotic senior American and NATO commander in Afghanistan General Stanley A. McChrystal was reported to have criticized American forces in the region for taking civilian life. According to the anti-American rants of Rorry O’Connor of, General McChrystal was quoted as saying, “We have shot an amazing number of people, but to my knowledge, none has ever proven to be a threat.


General Stanley A. McChrystal

The troubling news threatened to overshadow President Obama’s heroic surprise visit to Afghanistan this past weekend. Thankfully, patriotic outlets like BBC, CNN and FOX News were courageous enough to focus on President Obama’s selfless visit to the region, ignoring this nonevent all together.

The sentiments expressed by Rorry O’Connor and echoed by The New York Times’ pinko columnist Richard A. Oppel Jr. elaborated on McChrystal’s treasonous activities saying, “Despite new rules put in place by McChrystal aimed at reducing the killing of innocents, such shootings have not dropped off. Although fewer in number than deaths from air strikes or Special Forces operations, their continuance, as the Times noted, “has led to growing resentment among Afghans fearful of Western troops and angry at what they see as the impunity with which the troops operate—a friction that has turned villages firmly against the occupation.”

The article continues, “A case in point: the murder of Mohammed Yonus, a 36-year-old imam killed two months ago while commuting to a madrasa where he taught 150 students. As Oppel noted, ‘a military convoy raked his car with bullets, ripping open his chest as his two sons sat in the car. The shooting inflamed residents and turned his neighborhood against the occupation, elders there say.’”

Uh, hello?! “imam”, “madrasa”, “150 students”. Need I say more? Clearly what happened here was that NATO forces successfully executed an Al Qaeda operative who was running a terrorist training facility not unlike that which was used to attack America on 9/11.

This journalist’s view is that General McChrystal is clearly insane and hates his country. What gives him the right to put our fighting men and women in greater danger by providing comfort and aid to the enemy in this or any other manner? He ought to be court-martialed and committed to an asylum for his deeply unpatriotic remarks!

What credibility does he have anyway? It’s not like he’s served his country with distinction or valor in the past, right? Not only should General McChrystal be sent away, but his media cohorts Rorry O’Connor and Times journalist Richard A. Oppel Jr. ought to be brought up on charges of treason! To quote our infallible and heroic former President George W. Bush, “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”


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