Officer Suspended for Illegal Arrest of MN Change Member

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Viral Video Officer Suspended
May 17th, 2011

The Wahpeton Police officer who arrested a teen who was videotaping him earlier this month has been suspended.

Officer Dustin Hill has been suspended for five days without pay beginning May 13. He will also be required to take forty hours of remedial law enforcement training with an emphasis on Wahpeton municipal ordinances, the North Dakota Century Code, and the Constitutional law. He has been notified that any future incidents of a similar nature will lead to his termination.

Officer Hill fell under fire after he arrested 17-year-old Robert Wanek for interfering with a police investigation after the teen approached him with a video camera. That video went viral and drew a lot of attention to the case. Wanek was released after half an hour after Officer Hill’s supervisor determined there was not sufficient probable cause for the arrest.


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