Obama Faces 9/11 Truth

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We Are Change Minnesota
July 2nd, 2007

At a campaign stop in downtown Minneapolis, We Are Change Minnesota told Obama to, “Support a new investigation. Even Thomas Kean supports a new investigation of 9/11.” Chairman Kean admitted the failures of the 9/11 Commission the previous year at the National Press Club:

No eye contact for the constituent demanding representation.

“We think the Commission, in many ways, was set up to fail because we had not enough money, we didn’t have enough time, and we have been appointed by the most partisan people in Washington—the leaders of the House and Senate.”

Our attempt at displaying our “We the people demand 9/11 truth” banner was unfortunately thwarted by the mob of Obama supporters, but that didn’t prevent the presidential hopeful from hearing our instruction to open a new 9/11 investigation. While the candidate gave no acknowledgment of our request, we were at least shown the time of day by Representative Keith Ellison who stopped to receive 9/11 fliers and DVDs as he was leaving the event.

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