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  1. Video: Native American Gets Beat Down After Assaulting Trump Voter 2018-02-20
  2. Viral Facebook Video Shatters ‘Assault Weapons’ Talking Point 2018-02-20
  3. The Venezuelan Socialist Collapse Explained 2018-02-20
  4. CNN and MSNBC Helped Russia Sow Discord by Promoting Fake Anti-Trump Rally 2018-02-20
  5. SO PROGRESSIVE: Infowars’ 2018 Hijab Fashion Show 2018-02-20
  6. Will Microbots Be The End Of Humanity? 2018-02-20
  7. Florida Students, Mainstream Media Ramp Up Campaign Against “Child-Murdering” NRA 2018-02-20
  8. Newsweek Recycles The Al Franken Lies 2018-02-20
  9. CNN’s Cuomo: ‘Leaks Are Part Of The Currency Of Journalism’ 2018-02-20
  10. Boiling Point: Iran Threatens to “Raze Tel Aviv to the Ground” 2018-02-20
  11. Clarence Thomas Rips Court’s Decision Not to Hear Case Challenging Controversial Gun Law 2018-02-20
  12. Student Anti-Gun Activist Featured In CBS News Story – Six Months Ago 2018-02-20
  13. Georgia Looks to Drop Electronic Voting Machines in Favor of Paper Ballots 2018-02-20
  14. S. Korean Official in Charge of Cryptocurrency Crackdown Found Dead 2018-02-20
  15. Goldman: Is US Debt Trajectory Sustainable? 2018-02-20
  16. Electronic Skin Displays User’s Health Stats 2018-02-20
  17. ‘Reaper’: The North Korean Hacking Group Expanding Its Operations 2018-02-20
  18. DHS to Publish Proof of Massive Dem Voter Fraud in 2016 – QAnon 2018-02-20
  19. Small business owners’ optimism at record high after tax overhaul 2018-02-20
  20. Trump officials move to expand non-ObamaCare insurance plans 2018-02-20
  21. Far-Left Writer Calls On Black People to Start Barking at White People “Who Speak Out of Turn” 2018-02-20
  22. What Does Consent Mean When One of You Is a Robot? 2018-02-20
  23. Bombshell Testimony Claims Govt. Cover-Up In 2 Clinton Body Count Murders 2018-02-20
  24. POLL: Anti-Migrant Party AfD Becomes Germany’s Second Most Popular Party 2018-02-20
  25. Watch Live: Culture Wars Go Into High Gear As Political Polarization Intensifies 2018-02-20

  1. New 9/11 Timeline Entries: White House on September 11, Actions of Pentagon Officials, Flight 93 Passengers' Revolt, and More 2018-02-17
  2. The Indifference and Inaction of Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz During the 9/11 Attacks 2018-02-04
  3. Why Did the Top Army Officer in the U.S. Do So Little in Response to the 9/11 Attacks? 2017-12-03
  4. Accused Vegas Shooter's Doctor A DHS Employee; Is Division Leader of NV Emergency Response Agency 2017-11-13
  5. Graeme MacQueen on 9/11: The Pentagon's B-Movie 2017-10-18
  6. DoD Inspector General Reports For 9/11 Can't Be Trusted 2017-09-28
  7. Calling Out BRAVO 7 2017-09-24
  8. Dr Hulsey's WTC7 update presentation 2017-09-13
  9. 9/11 Unmasked - Who is Qualid Benomrane 2017-09-09
  10. 9/11: The Pentagon’s B-Movie 2017-09-02
  11. Theresa May Rejects Appeal From 9/11 Families To Release Saudi Report 2017-09-01
  12. 28 Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers that Critically Analyze 9/11 2017-08-23
  13. HIgh Rise Fires: Structurally safe?..or sudden death! 2017-08-15
  14. New 9/11 Timeline Entries: President Bush's Actions on September 11 and More 2017-07-29
  15. FL judge rules out FOIA trial on 9/11 funding 2017-07-17
  16. Sixteen Years After 9/11, The American Public Deserves Answers, Not Secrecy 2017-07-10
  17. Peer Review in Controversial Topics – A Case Study of 9/11 2017-06-12
  18. 9/11 Free Fall 6/8/17: James Corbett and Richard Gage, AIA 2017-06-10
  19. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld 'Deserted His Post' While America Was Under Attack on 9/11 2017-05-25
  20. Implications of September 11 Flight Transponder Activity - Aidan Managhan 2017-05-14
  21. Stand for the Truth: A Government Researcher Speaks Out 2017-04-09
  22. Moussaoui : “I am willing to fully testify on the 9/11 case ” 2017-03-26
  23. Why Did the Secret Service Leave the President and a School Full of Children in Danger in the Middle of the 9/11 Attacks? 2017-03-04
  24. Donald Trump and the Next Wave of 9/11 Truth Telling 2017-02-25
  25. Sibel Edmonds tells her full story - Uncovers "The Untouchables" 2017-02-19
  26. With Regards To Philip Zelikow, What Qualifies As Suspicious Behavior? 2017-01-24
  27. Terrorism and Terror Propaganda in 2016 2016-12-29
  28. Regarding 9/11, What Qualifies As Suspicious Behavior? 2016-12-18
  29. Remembering Frank Legge 2016-11-29
  30. New 9/11 Timeline Entries: Training Exercises in New York, Fighter Jets' Response on 9/11, Suspicious Man Arrested, and More 2016-11-14


  1. The Hoaxmaster General

    “DOJ statement and indictments reveal the extent and motivations of Russian interference in 2016 election. Claims of a “hoax” in tatters. My take: Implausible that Russian actions did not influence the views and votes of at least some Americans.” – February 16, 2018 Tweet by Embittered Obama Spy Chief John O. Brennan There can be no doubt that panic is rapidly setting in amongst the principal players of the neo-leftist Obama-Clinton-Democrat crime cabal that has largely been consigned to watching impotently from the sidelines as the central pillar of their plot to frame and take down President Donald J. Trump ... Continue reading

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  2. NOAA Caught

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has yet again been caught exaggerating  ‘global warming’ by fiddling with the raw temperature data. This time, that data concerns the recent record-breaking cold across the northeastern U.S. which NOAA is trying to erase from history. If you believe NOAA’s charts, there was nothing particularly unusual about this winter’s cold weather which caused sharks to freeze in the ocean and iguanas to drop out of trees. Here is NOAA’s January 2018 chart for Northeast U.S. – an area which includes New England along with NY, PA, NJ, DE and MD. You’d never guess from it that those regions had just experienced ... Continue reading

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  3. Nikolas Cruz and ‘Mental Health’

    As always happens in the wake of a mass shooting, last week when Nikolas Cruz murdered 17 people at his former Florida high school, commentators spared not a moment to take to the airwaves to bemoan the government’s alleged inattentiveness to the issue of “mental health” or “mental illness.” And Republicans, i.e. self-described conservatives, were at least as prone as their liberal Democratic counterparts to offer this response. Few people think through the implications of this line—yet there are many. First, it is telling that the proponents of “limited government” and “personal accountability” should lament what they evidently think is ... Continue reading

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  4. It’s All About Scoring Cheap Political Points

    With all the column inches spilled over Robert Mueller’s thirteen indictments issued on Friday very few of them have touched on the real revelation. It’s not the obvious case of prosecutorial over-reach.  It isn’t the further subversion of the grand jury process by Federal Prosecutors unmoored from personal bias. It isn’t the admission that no one on the Trump team knowingly colluded with Russian agents to influence the outcome of the 2016 election. It isn’t even that Former FBI Director Andrew McCabe doctored interview documents to secure a guilty plea from General Michael Flynn. It’s not obvious collusion between his ... Continue reading

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  5. Mueller’s Comic Book Indictment

    We have always heard that a determined government prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich, and now we know it's true. After 38 years in the prosecution racket, Robert Mueller just made his biggest score ever--that is, he nailed a great big Nothingburger. But he also did a lot more than that. Mueller's 37-page comic book indictment actually unmasks--inadvertently to be sure--the distinctly un-terrifying essence of the whole Russian meddling narrative. In fact, the crude social media emissions (ads and posts) of the so-called troll farm were generally lame, often laughable and sometimes downright ludicrous as per this gem cited by Mueller: a. On or about October 16, 2016, Defendants ... Continue reading

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  6. US: No Free Speech for Russians

    Last Friday, a federal grand jury sitting in Washington, D.C., indicted 13 Russian nationals and three Russian corporations for conspiracy and for using false instruments and computer hacking so as to influence the American presidential election in 2016. The indictment alleges a vast, organized and professional effort, funded by tens of millions of dollars, whereby Russian spies passed themselves off as Americans on the internet, on the telephone and even in person here in the U.S. to sow discord about Hillary Clinton and thereby assist in the election of Donald Trump. Though an indictment is a charge only, it presumably ... Continue reading

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  7. The US Used Biowarfare in North Korea

    It’s sort of silly that it matters. The United States bombed North Korea flat with ordinary, non-bioweapons bombs. It ran out of standing structures to bomb. People lived in caves, if they lived. Millions died, most of them from regular old non-scandalous but mass-murderous bombs (including, of course, Napalm which melts people but doesn’t give them exotic diseases). North Koreans to this day live in such terror of a repetition of history that their behavior is sometimes inexplicable and bewildering to Americans whose knowledge of history comes from watching game shows. Yet there is something powerful in its impact on ... Continue reading

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  8. America’s Elite Thinks it Has a Divine Right

    America’s ruling class has a curious attitude to democracy. It seems to be interpreted as something that’s good for the US and its allies but bad for critters who won't accept their role in the ‘America-led international order.' First off, let me be clear. I think all foreign electoral interference is wrong. In any country. And if it’s eventually proven that Russians meddled in America’s 2016 presidential election, I certainly won't condone it. But I’ve have always doubted that the Russian state organized some heinous plan to tilt the contest to Donald Trump, so I’ll be shocked if something of ... Continue reading

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  9. Our Father

    “Our Father, which art in Washington”: on Jesus’s rejection of political power I frequent The Saker website for analysis that is insightful and frequently intelligently contradicts the mainstream media narrative found on the primary promoted Google News sites and television networks. For example, Saker posted on the recent escalation in Syria that should be required reading for anyone who wants to make sense of recent events and possible dangerous outcomes. Yet in addition to such political and military analysis, The Saker also posts Orthodox Christian writings that I am unfamiliar with. What caught my attention was this monograph he recently ... Continue reading

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  10. A 1987-Style Crash

    Stock markets have settled down after an awful couple of weeks earlier this month.  On Feb. 5, the Dow Jones suffered its largest-ever drop in terms of points. It was down 1,600 at one point and ultimately lost 1,175.21 points, a 4.6% drop that day. At one point during that week, the Dow was off 10% in correction territory. But everything is calm now and most of the mainstream is once again feeling bullish and optimistic. Peter Schiff spoke at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference 2018 last month before the market tanked. But his message remains relevant in the aftermath of the plunge ... Continue reading

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  11. A Tissue of Myths Held Up for Our Mental Adoration

    Schopenhauer said that the world exists as our representation.  No where is this more true than in the field of history. Yet God has not shared with humanity His prerogative of creation-from-nothing rather, even in the world of fiction we are but sub-creators, building our worlds up from the elements of thought and language with which our Creator has endowed us.  Moving beyond fiction we come to history and journalism, where we may bring our narrative style to the table of fact, but we are forbidden to create fables.  None the less, the falsification of history by a sinful humanity ... Continue reading

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  12. Casting Demons Out of Oscar Winners, Politicians, and Movie Bosses

    Smoke billows from a herb burner filling the Spirit Room with an eerie haze. A woman stands over Hollywood actress Megan Duffy chanting and shaking a rattle carved with a head inspired by shamanic art, as her client lies motionless on a narrow bed. The tension in the air is thick as the 'healer' places an ornate dagger on Duffy's wrist and, breathing deep, rapid breathes, summons 'higher beings' from the spirit world, asking them to rid her body of evil demons. The woman carrying out the 'working' is Rachel Stavis - the world's only non-denominational Exorcist. And in a ... Continue reading

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BlackListed News

  1. Brian Hogg appeared on CBS 6 months ago, appears to be groomed by media

    In what can only be described as outright strange, David Hogg, a survivor of the Florida mass shooting who has quickly risen to prominence as a mainstream media promoted anti-gun activist, actually appeared in a CBS Los Angeles news report six months ago! The CBS report featured Hogg as an apparent eyewitness and videographer of a shocking confrontation between Hogg, a lifeguard, and one of Hogg’s friends who is seen being harassed by the lifeguard over a seemingly minor infraction.

  2. Millions of Dollars In Ethereum Are Vulnerable to Hackers Right Now

    In November of last year, a person known by the pseudonym “DevOps199” stumbled across a critical vulnerability in the code for a subset of Ethereum wallets. There are hundreds of thousands of similar smart contracts on Ethereum that control wallets, tokens and applications, or hold funds. Now, researchers say they’ve devised a new approach for finding vulnerabilities in smart contracts that would have exposed the flaw DevOps199 exploited before it was too late.

  3. Woman Who Took In Nikolas Cruz & Brother Petitions To Control $800,000 Estate of Mother & Forcibly Committed Younger Brother To Mental Hospital

    The woman who took in school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz and his younger brother after the death of their mother has petitioned a court to be named the personal representative of a reported $800,000 estate their mother left behind, but she also had Cruz's younger brother forcibly committed to a mental hospital just two days after the shooting.

  4. Mass shootings and psychiatric drugs: the connection

    The drugs aren’t the only causative factor, but they produce what I call the Johnny Appleseed effect throughout society. Sprinkle enough of the drugs among enough people and you get otherwise unexplainable violence popping up—in schools, in workplaces. The psychiatric plague eats out the country from the inside.

  5. Video of Shooting Survivor Slamming CNN for Giving Him Script Goes Viral, CNN Denies Claims

    On Thursday, CNN denied claims from a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student who said the network expected him to ask scripted questions during a televised town hall meeting in Sunrise, FL, that focused on last week’s shooting. “CNN had originally asked me to write a speech and questions, and it ended up being all scripted,” Colton Haab, a Stoneman Douglas senior told local ABC affiliate WPLG in an interview that has since gone viral.

  6. Where the ‘Crisis Actor’ Conspiracy Theory Comes From

    The term ‘crisis actor’ has been in the news a lot lately, because conspiracy theorists have accused survivors of the Douglas High School mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, of being actors—people paid to pretend they witnessed a horrible tragedy that actually never happened and was instead staged by the government in order to garner the political will necessary to ban guns.

  7. Police Announce Program to Illegally Stop People for ‘SAFE Driving’ & Facebook Owns Them

    In an unprecedented violation of the right of citizens to be free from unlawful search and seizure, the Crestview Police Department in Florida has announced a most insidious program. Driving safely is now a reason for cops to pull you over—under the guise that you’ll be “offered free pizza.”

  8. The Military Wants Genetically-Modified Sea Creatures to Snitch on Enemy Ships

    The US military wants to enlist fish and other sea life to help it track enemy warships and submarines at sea. The Persistent Aquatic Living Sensors program could also modify existing species to make them better underwater spies, an effort that would face stiff opposition from environmental groups.

  9. Brandon Smith: Mass Shootings Will Never Negate The Need For Gun Rights

    Though the media often attempts to twist the gun rights debate into a web of complexity, gun rights is in fact a rather simple issue — either you believe that people have an inherent right to self defense, or you don’t. All other arguments are a peripheral distraction...

  10. Caracas going crypto-crazy: Venezuela set to launch second digital currency

    After successfully launching the ‘petro,’ Venezuela is now on its way to becoming the world’s first country with two national cryptocurrencies, reports TV news network Globovision. The channel quotes Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, who made the announcement during his meeting with members of the party Patria Para Todos (PPT). The new virtual token, dubbed ‘petro oro’, will be backed by precious metals.

  11. Alcohol apocalypse? Evolution making us too sick to drink, study finds

    Humanity may be seeing the last of the big drinkers as new research claims evolution is making people physically unable to consume large amounts of alcohol.

  12. African migrants begin hunger strike over Israel policy

    Hundreds of African migrants in Holot detention center on Wednesday started a hunger strike against Israel’s disputed policy on them to leave the country or face imprisonment, Anadolu reports.

  13. Anti-depressants: Major study finds they work

    Scientists say they have settled one of medicine's biggest debates after a huge study found that anti-depressants work.

  14. Attacker throws grenade at US embassy in Montenegro, detonates suicide bomb

    The US mission in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, has urged people to avoid the area following a grenade attack on the diplomatic premises by an unknown assailant, who subsequently used a second device to commit suicide.

  15. US violates ‘letter of nuclear deal’ – Tehran

    Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi has said US President Donald Trump’s public statement on the nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers violates the agreement. He added that paragraph 28 clearly says that all JCPOA participants should “refrain from anything which undermines successful implementation of JCPOA, including in their public statements.”