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  1. Father of Woman Killed by Illegal Blames ‘failed policies of Obama administration’ 2016-04-28
  2. Supreme Court Gives FBI More Hacking Power 2016-04-28
  3. Is Hastert’s Sentence Too Easy? 2016-04-28
  4. Roger Stone : Ted Cruz Is Finished 2016-04-28
  5. Cruz Joining Kasich Shows He Is A Globalist 2016-04-28
  6. Trump’s “America 1st” Policy Was America’s First Foreign Policy 2016-04-28
  7. Trump Election: Military Infrastructure in Place for Martial Law 2016-04-28
  8. Bloomberg Columnist Says Trump’s “America First” Speech is Nazi Rhetoric 2016-04-28
  9. Zika Virus is ‘Scarier than the CDC Initially Thought’ 2016-04-28
  10. The Choice Is Now Don Quixote Or Donald Trump 2016-04-28
  11. Significant Premium Hikes Expected Under Obama Health Law 2016-04-28
  12. Cruz, Sanders reveal sweeping changes after East Coast Tuesday losses 2016-04-28
  13. House panel moves bill to ban IRS from tracking donors to tax-exempt groups 2016-04-28
  14. U.S. Has Record 10th Straight 1st Quarter With GDP Growth Less than 3% 2016-04-28
  15. Islamic State Mad Max Truck Demolished 2016-04-28
  16. Money “Crime” Punished, Child Molesting Not Punished 2016-04-28
  17. 84% Of Hollywood Campaign Donations Have Gone To Hillary 2016-04-28
  18. 97% Chance Trump Wins Nomination Before Convention, Statisticians Reveal 2016-04-28
  19. Murderers, Rapists, Kidnappers: Nearly 20,000 Criminal Aliens Released in 2015 2016-04-28
  20. ISIS stop drones spying on them by covering whole streets with sheets in Raqqa 2016-04-28
  21. Arrested For Denying Transgenderism 2016-04-28
  22. Salon Admits Mainstream Media Manipulates, Deceives Public 2016-04-28
  23. Navy SEAL: Massive Collapse Inevitable 2016-04-28
  24. CDC Admits Flu Shots Fail Half the Time 2016-04-28
  25. Monsanto Announces New Technology to Make its GM Crops More Pest Resistant 2016-04-28

  1. Call It What It Is, Treason 2016-04-25
  2. Bob Graham on 60-Minutes 2016-04-25
  3. BAZANT MISCONDUCT 2016-04-19
  4. WTC Security Firm Held Its Meetings in Saudi Offices 2016-04-11
  5. Upgrade 2016-04-07
  6. Send Ae911Truth DVDs & Literature to Your Local Fire Stations 2016-03-31
  7. New 9/11 Timeline Entries: Training Exercises, NORAD's Commander on 9/11, United Airlines' Response to the Attacks, and More 2016-03-11
  8. 9/11 Experiments: The Force Behind the Motion 2016-03-03
  9. Investigating 9/11 and Naming Suspects 2016-02-27
  10. Charles & Mary Ann Strange : Michael, SEAL Team Six & Extortion 17 2016-02-26
  11. For the undying 9/11 MORONIC replies 2016-02-15
  12. Architect vs. Blacksmith: Viral 9/11 Truth-Debunking Blacksmith Gets It All Wrong 2016-01-27
  13. 9/11 as False Flag: Why International Law Must Dare to Care 2016-01-20
  14. A Very Heavy Agenda Part 2: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the New Neocons 2016-01-18
  15. United Airlines Held an Exercise So Realistic That Its Personnel Had to Be Reassured That the 9/11 Attacks Were 'Not a Drill' 2016-01-05
  16. Terrorism in 2015: Following a False Flag Formula 2016-01-04
  17. Propaganda Can’t Melt Steel Beams 2015-12-20
  18. The First Transparent and Unbiased Computer Modeling of WTC 7 2015-11-26
  19. Pentagon Plane Puzzle + David Chandler: Going Beyond Speculation 2015-11-22
  20. September 2015 Actions of “North Texans for 9/11 Truth” 2015-11-20
  21. Architecture Boston Expo/ABX 2015 with AE911Truth 2015-11-18
  22. The New York Times’ 9/11 Propaganda 2015-11-09
  23. Condi Rice: Here's Your 9/11 Smoking Gun 2015-10-30
  24. The Importance of the Official 9/11 Myth 2015-10-26
  25. New 9/11 Timeline Entries: Pre-9/11 Warnings about Al-Qaeda, Cheney's Military Aide on 9/11, and More 2015-10-23
  26. A Very Heavy Agenda Part 1: A Catalyzing Event [trailer] 2015-10-14
  27. How to Spy the 9/11 Lie 2015-10-04
  28. Why Saudi Ties to 9/11 Mean U.S. Ties to 9/11 2015-09-27
  29. 9/11: The North Tower & The "Pile-Driver" That Wasn't 2015-09-25
  30. Air Defense Exercise a Month Before 9/11 Was Based Around Osama Bin Laden Carrying Out an Aerial Attack on Washington 2015-09-17


  1. Big Question

    The additional Special Forces the US will deploy in Syria are going to carry guns and engage in combat, says former Pentagon analyst Michael Maloof. The mission is potentially to train, but the question is what forces they will train, he adds. The deployment of up to 250 Special Forces soldiers increases US forces in Syria six-fold and is aimed at helping militia fighters who have clawed back territory from Islamic State militants in a string of victories. US President Barack Obama has confirmed plans to increase the US troop presence in Syria. He said the additional 250 personnel are ... Continue reading

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  2. On the 30th Anniversary of Chernobyl

    On the 30th anniversary of the world’s worst nuclear catastrophe yet, a new report shows radioactive contamination from the 1986 explosion at Chernobyl in Ukraine still lingers in startlingly large amounts across the border in neighboring Belarus. In an exclusive report by the Associated Press, fresh milk from a Belarusian dairy farm contained a radioactive isotope, traceable to the Chernobyl disaster, at “levels 10 times higher than the nation’s food safety limits” — thirty years after the accident occurred. Though the AP turned to a laboratory to test the milk, dairy farmer Nikolai Chubenok called the results “impossible.” “There is ... Continue reading

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  3. Anything Trumps Hillary

    It’s all over except the shouting. That is, the primary election season effectively ended last night and now the actual shouting match between Hillary and The Donald begins. This will surely be the most entertaining election in US history, and probably the most pointless, too. After all, Hillary wants to use government to make Government Great Again. And Trump promises to use government to make America Great Again. But the government doesn’t make anything great, including itself. It is a necessary evil that always and everywhere is driven toward self-aggrandizement and mission creep by the politicians and special interest lobbies which control its ... Continue reading

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  4. Silver Supply Trouble

    Silver bullion prices are likely to rise further as there is “supply trouble brewing” as strong industrial and investment demand are confronted by declining supply. “There are signs that this year could be a pivotal year for the silver market,” New York-based CPM Group said in its “Silver Yearbook 2016.” “Silver mine supply is forecast to decline for the first time in 2016, since 2011,” CPM said, noting scheduled closures and planned production cutbacks. More good news for silver bulls: there’s supply trouble brewing. Output from mines will fall for the first time since 2011, while demand for the metal in uses ... Continue reading

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  5. Forget Yellowstone

    Eruptions at Snake River Plain in Idaho were “significantly larger” than geologists had previously thought. Scientists from the University of Leicester discovered there were a staggering 12 massive eruptions over the course of four million years, beginning 12 million years ago. The massive eruptions helped to form the 100 kilometre-wide Snake River Basin, with one of the most powerful eruptions occurring 8.1 million years ago. The eruption's volume exceeded 1,900 km3 and created a 1.3km thick caldera. Furthermore, the Snake River Plain is situated on the Yellowstone Hotspot track, a region which spans from Nevada, through Oregon and Idaho and ... Continue reading

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  6. For Depression

    Depression, no matters the cause, level of severity, of the length of time a person has suffered should be taken seriously. Feeling down and blue is something everyone experiences at some point in life but when this feeling becomes overwhelming and long-lasting, more than likely depression has set in. Although there are times when conventional medicine is needed to treat this mental condition there are many times when Anti-Depression natural remedies are the best treatment. Before providing some of the more effective natural cures for depression, we wanted to mention a couple of key points. For starters, of the approximate ... Continue reading

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  7. We Need Separation of Bathroom and State

    The saga of the so-called Charlotte bathroom ordinance — and the state of North Carolina’s response to it — has taken on a life of its own. At the national level leftists are accusing North Carolina of bigotry while, in the name of tolerance, a growing list of performers and businesses are boycotting the state. Unfortunately, what has gotten lost in all the rhetoric surrounding this issue is the truth about both the original Charlotte law and the state’s response to it. In late February the Charlotte, North Carolina, the city council passed an “antidiscrimination” law, scheduled to go into ... Continue reading

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  8. My Investment in Heaven

    I am not an investor, I am a saver. It is my nature. At the track, I would more likely make a $2 show bet than a big payoff parlay. I admit to have dabbled in the stock market but didn’t make much money. In fact, I probably lost money despite investing during the bull markets. Even my “safe” investments in life insurance or bonds have given me headaches. No, I feel much better living well below my means and saving for the future than trying to get rich quick. But as LRC readers know well, it is a horrible ... Continue reading

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  9. How the CIA Writes History

    LAST SUMMER I PAID a visit to Georgetown University’s Lauinger Library as part of my research on legendary CIA counterspy James Jesus Angleton. I went there to investigate Angleton’s famous mole hunt, one of the least flattering episodes of his eventful career. By the early 1960s, Angleton was convinced the KGB had managed to insert a penetration agent high in the ranks of the CIA. In researching and writing a biography of Angleton, I constantly confront a conundrum: Was the man utterly brilliant? Or completely nuts? Angleton is one of America’s archetypal spies. He was the model for Harlot in Harlot’s Ghost, Norman ... Continue reading

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  10. The Poisonous Tree

    Would all of our lives be safer if the government could break down all the doors it wishes, listen to all the conversations it could find and read whatever emails and text messages it could acquire? Perhaps. But who would want to live in such a society? To prevent that from happening here, the Framers ratified the Fourth Amendment, which is the linchpin of privacy and was famously called by Justice Louis Brandeis “the right to be let alone -- the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men.” He wrote those words in his dissent ... Continue reading

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  11. Hitlerville

    More than 2,000 documents and sketches have been released by the Munich authorities dating from the days of Nazism which detail Adolf Hitler's plans to build a colossal new metropolis on the site of the city. Munich always held a special place in Hitler's dark heart. It was where he joined the Germany army to fight in World War One and where he founded the Nazi Party after it ended. Hitler proposed a City Of The Movement with gargantuan buildings and roads destined to last 1,000 years. The newly released documents show that he expected the major construction projects to ... Continue reading

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  12. What’s Potassium For Anyway?

    Sometimes referred to as an electrolyte, potassium is a naturally-occurring mineral and key nutrient for good health. Your nerves and muscles need it to function properly. It supports digestive and kidney health, regulates blood pressure and helps build strong bones. [1] It’s especially important for your heart, too. [2] If you’re healthy, your body is generally able to keep potassium levels where they should be. Some conditions, such as diabetes, kidney disease, and alcoholism can disrupt this balance. Illnesses accompanied by conditions like diarrhea and vomiting can also upset potassium balance. Some drugs, like ACE inhibitors and ARBs, can throw ... Continue reading

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BlackListed News

  1. “Retaliatory Culture” at TSA has “Paralyzed” Agency and Compromised Security Goals, Say Whistleblowers

    Crackdowns on dissenters and lenient treatment of unqualified upper management have left theTransportation Security Administration "paralyzed" and "in crisis," three agency whistleblowers told Congress on Wednesday. Jay Brainard, the federal security director for the TSA Office of Security Operation, told the House Oversight and Government Reform committee Wednesday morning that, between 2011 and 2015, the TSA staffed its leadership positions with "unprepared employees" who were chosen not for their qualifications, but because they were well-liked within the agency. "For years we had many senior executives, most of which completely lacked the experience needed for their position, run amok and make decisions or conduct themselves in an unethical manner which eroded our ability to complete the security mission and grossly compromised the integrity of our agency," Brainard told the committee.

  2. Michigan Official Tried to Manipulate Lead Tests—Eight Years Ago

    A newly resurfaced email demonstrates that in 2008 an official from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) tried to game lead tests by suggesting that technicians collect extra water samples to make the average lead count for a community appear artificially low.

  3. Bloomberg turning to robots to deliver the news

    Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait told his 2,400 journalists in a memo on Tuesday that he was forming a 10-person team to lead a study on how to use more automation in writing and reporting. Micklethwait called the robot-generated copy “smart automated content (SAC).” A company spokesman insisted no journalists will be sacked as a result of the SAC.

  4. Even The Surveillance-Loving Wall Street Journal Is Bashing The FBI For Its War With Apple

    The Wall Street Journal has been a reliably pro-surveillance voice over the years, calling Snowden a "sociopath" while calling for even less NSA oversight, making up bizarre conspiracy theories, and fighting back against any surveillance reform. It even once argued that the tech industry should put backdoors into its encryption to better help the surveillance state.

  5. Taking Page from Israel War Tactics, US Military Employs Controversial 'Roof Knocking'

    An Israeli tactic deemed "ineffective" at preventing civilian causalities by a United Nations commission has now been adopted by the United States in its fight against ISIS, according to a U.S. military official.

  6. New Armenia Protests, Same US-Backed Mobs

    Another day, another protest in Armenia. And if we were to simply believe the Western media regarding this ‘other protest,’ we might get the impression that the Armenian people are upset with Russian policy and “Putinism.” In reality, the protests are led by the same verified US-proxies exposed at the height of the “Electric Yerevan” protests mid-2015 which sought to undermine and overthrow the current government of Armenia in favor of a pro-Western political front more to Wall Street, London, and Brussels’ liking.

  7. The Future Of America? More Than Half Of All U.S. Adults Under Age 30 Now Reject Capitalism

    A shocking new survey has found that support for capitalism is dying in America. In fact, more than half of all adults in the United States under the age of 30 say that they do not support capitalism at this point. You might be tempted to dismiss them as “foolish young people”, but the truth is that they are the future of America. As older generations die off, they will eventually become the leaders of this country. And of course our nation has not resembled anything close to a capitalist society for quite some time now. In a recent article, I listed 97 different taxes that Americans pay each year, and some Americans actually end up returning more than half of what they earn to the government by the time it is all said and done. So at best it could be said that we are running some sort of hybrid system that isn’t as far down the road toward full-blown socialism as most European nations are. But without a doubt we are moving in that direction, and our young people are going to be cheering every step of the way.

  8. “Nestlé is Trying to Break Us” Town Fights to Stop Bottled Water Megacorp from Stealing Their Water

    A small town in Pennsylvania is the latest to be targeted by Nestlé Waters North America, which, in typical fashion, is seeking to extract millions of gallons of freshwater to bottle and sell for an obscene profit — whether or not local residents approve.

  9. Reuters Poll Shows 51% of Americans Think Primary Process is “Rigged” – Here’s Why It Matters

    More than half of American voters believe that the system U.S. political parties use to pick their candidates for the White House is “rigged” and more than two-thirds want to see the process changed, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll. The results echo complaints from Republican front-runner Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Bernie Sanders that the system is stacked against them in favor of candidates with close ties to their parties – a critique that has triggered a nationwide debate over whether the process is fair.

  10. Volume Collapses As China Commodity Exchanges Ordered To "Curb Speculation"

    We have been warning about China's speculative commodity trading bubble - spewing false signals around the world about the strength of the real economy - and now, as we suggested previously, Chinese authorities have decided to burst yet another bubble they created.Reuters reports that China's Securities regulator has ordered three major commodity exchanges to "control intraday speculation in commodity markets," ordering them to "curb trading for investors with no commodity industry background." Volume has crashed... and just as it did in the equity markets, price will follow.

  11. Why Real Reform Is Now Impossible

    It’s difficult for well-meaning pundits to abandon the fantasy that meaningful reform is possible. Indeed, a critical function of the punditry and corporate media is to foster the fantasy that the status quo could be reformed if only we all got together and blah blah blah. As I explain in my new book Why Our Status Quo Failed and Is Beyond Reform, real structural reform would trigger the collapse of the status quo. (As a reminder, the status quo benefits the few at the expense of the many.

  12. 'Outrageous Targeting' as MSF-Supported Hospital in Syria Bombed

    Doctors Without Borders said Thursday that a hospital it supported in the Syrian city of Aleppo was bombed, destroying the key pediatric facility and killing at least 14 people.

  13. VIDEO: Tear gas, clashes, vehicles set on fire: Anti-labor reform protests rock France

    Photos posted on Twitter showed demonstrators making their way through clouds of tear gas as they marched through the streets of several French cities, including Nantes, Lyon, Rennes, and Paris. About 9,000 demonstrators gathered on the streets of Nantes, according to police. An image posted on Twitter showed a Porsche and a scooter which had been set on fire. Windows could also be seen smashed across the city. The mayor of Nantes, Johanna Rolland, has condemned the incidents as “unacceptable acts of small groups whose express purpose is to commit violence,” French news outlet 20 Minutes reported.

  14. SWAT Raids Family, Terrorizes Disabled Woman & Arrests Family Members — Whoops, Wrong House

    Philadelphia, PA – Police apologized on Wednesday after raiding an innocent family’s home and traumatizing a disabled woman who nearly fell down the stairs. Touted as “innovative” and “state-of-the-art,” the Real Time Crime Center mistakenly directed officers to the wrong house and another botched raid. Around 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday, cops suddenly broke down the Jardine family’s door and raided their home while holding them at gunpoint. Despite the fact that the family had committed no crime, officers ordered them out of their rooms and placed them in handcuffs during the middle of the night. “I’m coming out of the shower, and there’s a Pump Action Rifle to my chest,” Angel Jardine told WPVI. “He’s just like, ‘Put your hands up.’ Rifle in my chest, and I’m like, ‘Whoa.’”

  15. VIDEO: Brain-Powered Drones Exist In Real Life

    Students at the University of Florida raced drones, powered by just their minds. The implications of the technology could help people who are paralyzed to move prosthetic limbs in the near future.