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  1. Dashcam Video Shows Hundreds of “Refugees” on European Highway 2015-11-27
  2. Putin: US Knew Flight Path of Plane Shot Down by Turkey 2015-11-27
  3. White House Fence Jumper Triggers Lockdown 2015-11-27
  4. Turkey risks sparking world war, says Iraq’s Maliki 2015-11-26
  5. PETA Ad: Eating Turkey is Cannibalism! 2015-11-26
  6. Crimean blockade activists again prevent power line repairs 2015-11-26
  7. Germany to Enter War in Syria 2015-11-26
  8. If You Build It, The War Will Come… 2015-11-26
  9. Getting My Money’s Worth 2015-11-26
  10. What to Be Thankful For? 2015-11-26
  11. Russia Targets Turkish Economy Over Downed Warplane 2015-11-26
  12. Uh oh! Robots Are Learning to DISOBEY Humans 2015-11-26
  13. Will Smith Says There “might be a future” for Him in Politics 2015-11-26
  14. Ex-Goldman Sachs Employee Charged with Insider Trading 2015-11-26
  15. Busted: EPA Discovers Dow Weedkiller Claim, Wants It Off The Market 2015-11-26
  16. Paris Attacks: Away Fans Banned in French Football Until Mid-December 2015-11-26
  17. Home Possession of Switchblade Knives Protected by the Second Amendment 2015-11-26
  18. Five Strategies for Reclaiming Our Personal Privacy Online 2015-11-26
  19. Why Black Friday is a Complete Scam 2015-11-26
  20. US Testing an ‘air traffic control system’ for Drones 2015-11-26
  21. Black Lives Matter Protesters Attempt to tear down Christmas Tree, Chant “F*** France” 2015-11-26
  22. Cow Shot 24 Times by Police: Incident Under Review 2015-11-26
  23. Earth might have hairy dark matter 2015-11-26
  24. A blue Neptune-sized exoplanet around a red dwarf star 2015-11-26
  25. Dutch Welcome: Pig Heads Left at Migrants’ Camp Entrance in Netherlands (GRAPHIC) 2015-11-26

  1. It's Here! - The First Transparent and Unbiased Computer Modeling of WTC 7 2015-11-26
  2. Pentagon Plane Puzzle + David Chandler: Going Beyond Speculation 2015-11-22
  3. September 2015 Actions of “North Texans for 9/11 Truth” 2015-11-20
  4. Architecture Boston Expo/ABX 2015 with AE911Truth 2015-11-18
  5. The New York Times’ 9/11 Propaganda 2015-11-09
  6. Condi Rice: Here's Your 9/11 Smoking Gun 2015-10-30
  7. The Importance of the Official 9/11 Myth 2015-10-26
  8. New 9/11 Timeline Entries: Pre-9/11 Warnings about Al-Qaeda, Cheney's Military Aide on 9/11, and More 2015-10-23
  9. A Very Heavy Agenda Part 1: A Catalyzing Event [trailer] 2015-10-14
  10. How to Spy the 9/11 Lie 2015-10-04
  11. Why Saudi Ties to 9/11 Mean U.S. Ties to 9/11 2015-09-27
  12. 9/11: The North Tower & The "Pile-Driver" That Wasn't 2015-09-25
  13. Air Defense Exercise a Month Before 9/11 Was Based Around Osama Bin Laden Carrying Out an Aerial Attack on Washington 2015-09-17
  14. Jon Stewart Joins 9-11 Firefighters Protest On Capitol Hill - Sep 16, 2015 2015-09-16
  15. Sharyl Attkisson Debuts With 28 Pages Report 2015-09-13
  16. 9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money Published on Sep 11, 2015 2015-09-13
  17. Fourteen Facts About 9/11 2015-09-11
  18. 9/11 Bombshells The Media Missed 2015-09-11
  19. Case Convar: Evidence of Foreknowledge of the 9/11 Attacks 2015-09-10
  20. 9/11: Decade of Deception (Full Film NEW 2015) Published on Sep 10, 2015 2015-09-10
  21. ‘Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death’: The Loss of Our Freedoms in the Wake of 9/11 2015-09-09
  22. 14th Anniversary of 9/11: Global Interactive Broadcast with Kevin Ryan, Cynthia McKinney, James Corbett and more 2015-08-31
  23. Dr. Graeme MacQueen : Eyewitness Evidence of Explosions in the Twin Towers 2015-08-05
  24. Understanding Oil Qaeda 2015-07-31
  25. U.S. Officials Gave Eerily Prophetic Warnings of an Attack in the Days Before 9/11 2015-07-17
  26. U.S. Intelligence Agencies Mock America in 9/11 Trial 2015-07-12
  27. Why Did Navy Staffers at the Pentagon Fail to Respond to the Attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11? 2015-06-14
  28. Rand Paul, Ron Wyden to Introduce 28 Pages Resolution in Senate 2015-05-29
  29. Even More Admitted False Flag Terror Incidents Come to Light 2015-05-19
  30. Stratesec’s Walker and His Top Secret Business Partners 2015-05-17


  1. Statin Nation

    By Dr. Mercola "Statin Nation II: What Really Causes Heart Disease?" is the sequel to the documentary "Statin Nation: The Great Cholesterol Cover-up." However, it stands well on its own, even if you didn't see the original film. For many decades, the idea that saturated fats caused heart disease reigned supreme, and diets shifted sharply away from saturated animal fats such as butter and lard, toward partially hydrogenated vegetable oils and margarine. However, as people abandoned saturated fats and replaced them with trans fats, rates of heart disease continued on a steady upward climb. And, the more aggressive the recommendations ... Continue reading

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  2. Old White Guys

    As this is Thanksgiving week, I thought I’d take a break from Muslim terrorists and social justice warriors and all the other negative stuff to give thanks for something positive that happened in 2015. In two separate but similar criminal cases that were resolved this year, a precedent was established that will possibly, hopefully, influence prosecutors in the years to come: Elderly white guys are not legally mandated to play by the “Chuck Norris rule” if they believe their lives are at risk. What’s the Chuck Norris rule? As anyone who’s ever seen his family-friendly brand of martial-arts ass-kicking knows, ... Continue reading

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  3. How To Stop Running Over Blind People

    When things get ridiculous they tend to become hilarious. Or, pathetic – and aggravating. Example: The government wants to require that hybrid and electric cars be fitted with devices that make them noisy, so that the blind will be aware of their presence. See here. Apparently, there is an epidemic of blind – whoops, visually impaired – people being run over by hybrid and electric vehicles. Well, no. Hard data is hard to come by, but I did find a 2009 NHTSA Technical Report (here) on the subject. According to this document, over a seven year period (2000-2007) 72 pedestrians were “involved” in ... Continue reading

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  4. Bezos Beats Musk

    In the battle to create a reusable rocket, Jeff Bezos has just dealt Elon Musk's SpaceX a significant and unexpected blow. Blue Origin, the Amazon founder's private space firm, has successfully flown its New Shepard ship to space, before landing it at a launch site in Texas. Elon Musk has so far tried, and failed, to land his Falcon rocket on a specially-built barge, with his craft tipping over or crashing on impact. Three billionaires – Musk, Bezos and Richard Branson – have entered the space arena in recent years and the race is on to create reusable rockets that could be ... Continue reading

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  5. Is the US Deliberately Starting WWIII?

    Turkey's decision to shoot down a Russian warplane was a provocative and portentous act. That Sukhoi Su-24, which the Turks say intruded into their air space, crashed and burned — in Syria. One of the Russian pilots was executed while parachuting to safety. A Russian rescue helicopter was destroyed by rebels using a U.S. TOW missile. A Russian marine was killed. "A stab in the back by the accomplices of terrorists," said Vladimir Putin of the first downing of a Russian warplane by a NATO nation in half a century. Putin has a point, as the Russians are bombing rebels ... Continue reading

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  6. Ever Heard of Amla?

    In the ancient science of Ayurveda, doctors often prescribe Indian Gooseberry, also known as Amla, or Amalaki (scientific name Phyllanthus emblica). The rejuvenating fruit has many uses; among them, the powerful fruit, full of B and C vitamins as well several other exceptional phytonutrients, helps to decrease blood glucose levels in diabetics and lower cholesterol. In a study published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, as well as other peer reviewed studies, amla fruit helped with cholesterol as well as blood sugar levels. Both normal and diabetic volunteers receiving 2 or 3 g E. officinalis powder significantly (P <  ... Continue reading

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  7. After Paris

    *After Paris A couple of thoughts on the aftermath of the attacks in Paris on Friday, November 13. What’s With This “We”? Patrick Smith at Salon has written much on this topic since then.  In one column, he rightly takes to task those who come to the issue of terrorist extremism without context; in the case of current events, without the context of Western (not the least of which, French) meddling in the Middle East and North Africa.  I will not cite anything directly on this subject, but he offered an interesting point – one that some have passed through ... Continue reading

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  8. The ISIS Terror Threat

    The panic in the western world, since the attack in Paris, where approx. 130 were killed is quite over the top. Walking home Friday evening, at the corner of Montgomery and Second St., in San Francisco, I winessed train passengers rushing out of the underground train station. Police were rushing in. Someone had heard a "pop." It was nothing. The panic has spread to small towns: And a plane headed to San Francisco was diverted because three men "suspiciously" swapped seats with each other: The flight landed at Kansas City International Airport around 7:50 a.m. The flight crew made the decision ... Continue reading

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  9. The Father of Modern Surgery

    The period from the 8th century until the 13th century AD is commonly referred to as the Islamic Golden Age. During this era, the Islamic world produced numerous scholars who contributed greatly to various branches of human knowledge, including philosophy, mathematics, and astronomy. Islamic intellectuals during this age made many important contributions to the history of medicine, including 'Ali ibn al-'Abbas al-Majusi (Latinized as Haly Abbas), Muhammad ibn Zakariyā Rāzī (Latinized as Rhazes or Rasis), and Abū al-Qāsim Khalaf ibn al-‘Abbās az-Zahrāwī (popularly known as Al-Zahrawi, and Latinized as Abulcasis). The Life of Al-Zahrawi Al-Zahrawi was born in 936 AD ... Continue reading

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  10. ‘Thank You, Veterans’

    “Thank You Veterans” said the sign out in front of my local Harley-Davidson dealer on Veterans Day. The owners of the veterinarian practice across the street from the Harley dealer are obviously more patriotic: They kept their “Thank You Veterans” sign up all the way to Thanksgiving. Beginning on Veterans Day and running through Thanksgiving Day there have been stories on the news and during football games about the poor U.S. soldiers we should thank in Afghanistan and the Middle East who won’t be home to celebrate Thanksgiving with their families. Some churches had on Thanksgiving Day, or had the ... Continue reading

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  11. Who Funds ISIS for the US, Turkey, France, and Israel?

    Russia's Sergey Lavrov is not one foreign minister known to mince his words. Just earlier today, 24 hours after a Russian plane was brought down by the country whose president three years ago said "a short-term border violation can never be a pretext for an attack", had this to say: "We have serious doubts this was an unintended incident and believe this is a planned provocation" by Turkey. But even that was tame compared to what Lavrov said to his Turkish counterparty Mevlut Cavusoglu earlier today during a phone call between the two (Lavrov who was supposed to travel to Turkey ... Continue reading

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  12. Planning on Hitting the Retail Stores?

    Despite the ever-looming threat of online commerce, analog retail stores still have plenty of fight left in them: Consumers are expected to spend more than $630 billion in seasonal purchases this year, and there promises to be no shortage of semi-controlled chaos (and profits) when stores open for Black Friday. If you’ve ever wondered how you managed to spend twice as much as you planned, you may want to consider the shrewd retail employees you’re up against. Here's what we discovered talking to the men and women who ring you up. 1. THEY HAVE JEDI MIND TRICKS. Retail employees—particularly when ... Continue reading

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BlackListed News

  1. Puerto Rico Is About To Default: Your Complete Guide To An Island Debt Debacle
    Last week, we brought you the latest from Puerto Rico’s debt debacle. The commonwealth is desperately trying to restructure some $72 billion in debt while staring down a $354 million bond payment due on December 1. As we discussed at length on Friday, some $270 million of what’s due next week is GO debt guaranteed by the National Public Finance Guarantee Corp. Defaulting on that is bad news and as Moody’s warned earlier this month, a missed payment on the commonwealth’s highest priority obligations “would likely trigger legal action from creditors, commencing a potentially drawn-out process absent swift federal intervention.”
  2. Lobbyists, in Strategy Session, Conclude That Refugee Crisis “Helps Us” Defeat Regulations
    In an audio recording of a strategy session obtained by The Intercept, major trade association lobbyists discussed how the refugee crisis has changed the political dynamics in Washington to their advantage. In the conference call held last week, lobbyists representing a number of high-polluting industries agreed that the battle between Congress and President Obama on refugee policy will give them the cover they need to attach a legislative rider to the omnibus budget bill that rolls back newly expanded clean water regulation.
  3. Obama signs $607 billion 'defense' bill, despite Guantanamo restrictions
    U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday signed a 607-billion-U.S.-dollar annual defense policy bill despite its continued ban on transferring detainees from the Guantanamo Bay military prison to the United States. Blasting the Republican-controlled Congress for maintaining language that hampers the closure of the Guantanamo military prison in the bill, Obama called the restrictions contained in the bill "unwarranted and counterproductive."
  4. Profound Political Disunity Is Now Pitting Rising Elites Against Fading Elites
    As I have often noted, historian Michael Grant identified profound political disunity in the ruling class as a key cause of the dissolution of the Roman Empire. Grant described this dynamic in his excellent account The Fall of the Roman Empire, a book I have been recommending since 2009.
  5. Plot Thickens: Pentagon Now Facing More Scrutiny Over $766 Million Task Force
    The Pentagon is scrambling to justify its actions in restricting the government watchdog investigating a $766-million task force in Afghanistan — with more controversy seemingly erupting by the day. Now there are allegations that Defense Department officials retaliated against a whistleblower and news of several ongoing criminal investigations. Earlier this month, we reported that the Pentagon was making it difficult for the Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction to investigate reports of gross waste and mismanagement by the now-defunct, five-year Task Force for Business Stability Operations. One of its projects, a gas station, cost 140 times what it should have.
  6. 8-minutes of videos: ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, just like OIL = Operation Iraqi Liberation; joke’s on We the People until .01% arrests
    OIL (Operation Iraqi Liberation) was the official name of what the US was doing in Iraq, as Mugsys RapSheet’s 1-minute video reminds us:
  7. Spain Braces for its Biggest Corporate Insolvency… Ever!
    Spain is about to experience its biggest corporate insolvency ever. Unlike Bankia and all of Spain’s other bankrupt savings banks, Abengoa, a Seville-based multinational specialized in renewable energy and “environmental services,” is unlikely to receive a taxpayer-funded bailout – at least not just yet, not with general elections looming in less than a month’s time. Following yesterday’s announcement that the company was seeking preliminary protection from creditors, Abengoa’s bonds and shares went into freefall. It was a financial bloodbath. According to S&P Capital IQ LCD, its euro-denominated 8.5% notes due 2016 plunged 38.5 points to 25.5 cents on the euro, after having been up at 93 cents on the euro only two weeks ago.
  8. Top U.S. Air Defense Commander: Turkey’s Shootdown of Russian Jet “Had to Be PRE-PLANNED”
    Lt. General Tom McInerney is an expert on handling threats from fighter jets.
  9. Meet The Man Who Funds ISIS: Bilal Erdogan, The Son Of Turkey's President
    Russia's Sergey Lavrov is not one foreign minister known to mince his words. Just earlier today, 24 hours after a Russian plane was brought down by the country whose president three years ago said "a short-term border violation can never be a pretext for an attack", had this to say: "We have serious doubts this was an unintended incident and believe this is a planned provocation" by Turkey. But even that was tame compared to what Lavrov said to his Turkish counterparty Mevlut Cavusoglu earlier today during a phone call between the two (Lavrov who was supposed to travel to Turkey has since canceled such plans).
  10. Myopia Epidemic: Kids Urged to Drop Devices and Go Outside — Or Risk Blindness
    Kids' screen-time a short-sightedness risk Children are being urged to go outside and take a break from handheld devices or risk short-sightedness. Maxime Jalbert Locke has been told to spend more time outdoors. The 11-year-old has also been told to limit time on devices. The reason? He has been diagnosed with myopia.
  11. Reporters' car hit by anti-tank missile on Syria-Turkey border (video)
    A Russian journalist has filmed the moment the car he was sitting in was hit by an anti-tank missile in Syria. Three reporters were injured when the shell struck the car on Monday in the village of Dagmashlia near the border with Turkey. The video shows the pro-Assad Syrian army waving on the press convoy as they approached the front lines before the missile strikes without any warning.
  12. The War on Drugs and Prison Industrial Complex: 7 Infographics You Need to See
  13. Police Officer Threatens to Arrest American for Calling Politician a “Liar”
    A former city councilman who won summary judgment after a police chief threatened to arrest him for criticizing a public official has settled with the police chief and the Northern California City of Cotati. George Barich, who describes himself as a former newspaper editor, attended an April 2014 City Council meeting where he called city Planning Commissioner Neil Hancock a “liar,” to which Hancock retorted, “You’re the liar,” according to Barich’s January lawsuit in Federal Court.
  14. These 3 judges hold the fate of the Internet in their hands
    Next week, a federal appeals court in Washington will hear one of its biggest cases of the year, one whose outcome will directly affect how Internet providers can alter your experience online.
  15. China Opening “The World’s Biggest Animal Cloning Factory”
    The world’s biggest animal “cloning factory” is due to open in China, producing one million calves a year, sniffer dogs and even genetic copies of the family pet.