Mythbusters Won't Touch Topic of 9/11

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We Are Change Minnesota
July 21st, 2008

After recently watching a mythbusters show on discovery channel, I got the idea of submitting a test about possible building free fall speeds and other discrepancies about the attacks. When I went to the forum I was quite shocked at what I saw. Although the topic was created in 2007 it was really interesting to see what the mythbusters mod had put on the post.


“Please refrain from posting any show ideas that are 9/11 related. These are inappropriate because they are emotionally charged and cause discord among the members of the board.

This includes but is not limited to –

Planes crashing into buildings
Jet fuel melting steel beams
Cell communication on an air plane.

Again these are EXAMPLES and NOT INCLUSIVE of the ideas extrapolated from conspiracy theories. These topics are not going to be tested on the show.

Thank you for your cooperation on this subject.


Mythbusters must not be able to recreate an accurate scientific experiment mirroring the “myths” on 9/11. So much for that brainstorm.


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