MnChange Confronts John Kline on NDAA

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Adam Miller
We Are Change Minnesota
March 27th, 2012

It’s not about WHO gets elected it’s about OUSTING Barack Obama kids! This was the message repeated with vigor at the pep rally last Saturday, otherwise known as the Senate District 51 Republican Convention. Congressman Kline, Doug Wardlow, Dianne Anderson and other establishment favorites assembled all under one roof to remind us, “Barack bad, GOP good.” So it was worth noting that they made damn sure not a single vote was cast without first knowing who each delegate hopeful was supporting for president. That way they could be certain those pesky Ron Paul folks wouldn’t muddy the waters, what with their sound money economics and staunch Constitutional adherence. After all, what chance does he have right?

Thankfully, Sean and Adam of MnChange were there to record the happenings and even make Congressman Kline a little uncomfortable by holding him to account on his yea votes over NDAA & HR247, of which he assured us had wording in there that would serve as protections against overzealous government. We reminded Congressman Kline that those “protections” did little to prevent the U.S. government from killing Anwar al-Awlaki and his American born son a short time ago. Why can’t we just be honest, folks? This hoopla about ousting Obama is less about ousting Obama and more about preserving the false left/right illusion both parties have been perpetuating for decades. Electing Dr. Paul would change things and expose this paradigm, and we can’t have that now can we? Just listen to Kline’s comments about competing currencies to hammer the point home. Hopefully, Adam’s Santorum-style sweater vest was key in fooling the sheople.

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