MnChange at the GOP State Central Committee Meeting

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Nate Clark
We Are Change Minnesota
June 16th, 2009

We Are Change Minnesota attended the Republican state central committee meeting as vendors to distribute copies of The Obama Deception. Over the course of the day, we handed out 500 discs to convention-goers as well as governor Tim Pawlenty, senator Norm Coleman, congresswoman Michele Bachmann and newly elected state party chairman Tony Sutton.

We met many Alex Jones and We Are Change supporters, and several people volunteered to help distribute discs on the convention floor including delegates from Minnesotans For Global Warming. State central committee delegates were an extremely receptive audience—already aware of president Obama’s deceptions (at least) from a partisan standpoint and interested in learning more.

Michele Bachmann spoke with us about the unaccountability of the Federal Reserve and updated us on the status of H.R. 1207 the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009 which would audit the Federal Reserve system.

“We now have a majority of members of Congress that are on board. Isn’t that exciting? I had a whole speech I wanted to give today but I only had five minutes and I wanted to talk about the Federal Reserve. They spend our money whenever, however they want to and there’s no reporting, and nobody knows. I asked Ben Bernanke in our committee why in the world he won’t release the overnight loans that they make to banks. We don’t even know who they loan to or how much, and we’re on the hook for it.

Bachmann is planning to bring H.R. 1207 sponsor Ron Paul to Minnesota to speak about monetary policy.

Norm Coleman accepted a copy of the Obama Deception, but not the unopened Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth: Blueprint for Truth we attempted to provide him. Coleman refuses to acknowledge the issue of the collapse of World Trade Center building 7 on 9/11/2001 having been completely omitted from the 9/11 Commission Report having stated that it’s, “black helicopter stuff.”

Coleman has also previously refused to represent our less controversial interest in the repeal of the unconstitutional USA Patriot Act claiming that, “If it wasn’t for the Patriot Act we might not even have a Constitution.”

We need the Patriot Act… with civil liberties. It’s very consistent with the Constitution. In fact without a Patriot Act we may not have a Constitution because we may not have a country.”

With the ever-growing support for H.R. 1207, there is at least one of We Are Change’s core issues being discussed in the legislature.


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