Minnesota Change Pays Visit to May 7th Tax Party

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Adam Miller
We Are Change Minnesota
May 9th, 2011

It was a beautiful Saturday morning as conservatives all over the state of Minnesota gathered for what I call, “The Great American Festival of Ignorance”.

Angry white men abound as calls for lower taxes and the end to Obama-Care were heard for blocks. Yes folks, they’re white, they’re angry and they haven’t the slightest idea why they’re really there!

The insanity of the “Great Muslim Conspiracy” was interrupted only briefly by the calls from a couple groups present who advocated principles like sound money, an audit of the Federal Reserve and the avoidance of complex foreign entanglements. The aforementioned principles that have their roots in Jeffersonian logic couldn’t survive in this environment.

These calls for legislative sanity, unfortunately, were overshadowed by most of the speaker’s pursuit of the war agenda. Apart from the Ron Paul supporters, it seemed the only thing anyone had interest in was taxes and the Muslim/liberal conspiracy.

It seems the rest of the rally consisted of calls by GOP supporters to empty the pool of mounting debt via Dixie cup as opposed to septic pump. Yes it’s true that most present at the rally supported deficit reductions. I’ve never seen such a group so opposed to subsidies. For a moment it was encouraging until we heard the typical calls for increased interventionism in foreign affairs at the expense of social programs domestically, along with the usual calls to ban gay marriage which of course would lead to nothing short of anarchy in the streets!

So, myself and my partner in C.H.A.N.G.E. Sean Wright, hit the ground running in front of the Minnesota State Capitol, asking the attendees about the real issues (or at least something more ‘real’ than gay marriage or Al CIA-duh). We figured we’d keep it simple by asking them questions associated with the Federal Reserve and monetary policy, with little deviance from that topic. The following video covers the events of that day. I hope we all learn something. At very least, I hope we’re not all dumber for having watched it.

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