Military/Police Presence In Schools

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Robert Wanek
October 1st, 2009

We all witnessed the brutality and oppression that took place at the G-20 this past month in Pittsburgh. Over 10,000 Law Enforcement Officers, National Guard members, and American troops showcased Nazi style police tactics. The move towards combat hardened troops on U.S. soil for law enforcement and security is now a reality.

The most saddening example of military occupation may be in Public Schools. Thousands of high schools and colleges around the country host recruiters on a regular basis, now, this could be considered standard procedure but military men/women are playing a much bigger role in the education system.

This morning, all Juniors at Breckenridge High School took the MN ‘ASVAB’ test, a standard yearly academic evaluation test. When I arrived in the testing area of the auditorium I was surprised to see 2 United States Air Force Members and a U.S. Army troop in full gear stationed near the front stage. Standard protocol has state officials or faculty members distributing the test’s and monitoring the students. Today, however, this was not the case.

As one elderly man read the test rules aloud, these military men/women stood near the supplies. Officer ‘Aguillara’ and the 2 air force troops began handing out the forms and paced the isles looking for sleeping students and providing ’security.’ Ask yourself, is it necessary to bring Army personnel onto school grounds for security and statewide testing activities?

My school has an ex-cop who serves as a security guard during the morning, and active duty police officers patrol the school and frequently walk the halls during breaks or lunch period. Does our Law Enforcement Center not have crime to fight? Or real criminals to catch? The fact that there is returning army soldiers and military members serving in high schools as security (or essentially police) violating Posse Comitatus, is a big step towards a military police state, that should be brought to everyone’s attention.

Censorship and concealment is a major problem with my school and undoubtedly many others throughout the nation. Superintendent Warren Schmidt recently adjourned a Public School Board meeting because the media attempted to set up a microphone to close to the stage. New school board rules require media to notify school officials 3 hours before arrival, and must station themselves towards the back of the meeting room, preventing quality audio/video. These ‘Unique’ school board rules violate State Laws regarding the media at Public School events/meetings.

Face it America, schools are becoming places used not to educate, but to herd and guide our children and youth into the disastrous future like helpless cattle. When military personnel visit schools for security and help nearly daily, and police monitor and invade schools of only 340 kids we are living in a police state.

Robert Wanek


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