Karl Rove is Not Sympathetic to 9/11 Truth

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Nate Clark
We Are Change Minnesota
June 4th, 2010

Karl Rove came to Minneapolis to promote his book, Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight, on April 22nd, 2010.

We Are Change Minnesota was present at both his morning speech at the University of Minnesota and his afternoon event at the Mall of America seeking answers to the perplexing episode at the 2008 Minnesota GOP state convention when he went out of his way to pose in a photo with an “Investigate 9/11” T-shirt—stopping and exiting his car for the photo as he was leaving the convention. He willingly signed a copy of the photo (in lieu of a copy of his book), but to the suggestion that he is sympathetic to the 9/11 Truth community because of the photo he retorted that he’s not, and added “not sympathetic“ below his signature.

Mid-speech at the U of M appearance, a group of hecklers chanted, “Who is a terrorist? Rove is a terrorist!,” much to the delight of Rove who seemed to genuinely enjoy the negative attention. “I thought it was sort of catchy,” replied Rove after the commotion had died down and he began to dance mockingly, “easy to dance to, but the lyrics were sort of weird.”

Rove showing the sign of the horns

Rowley submitting an arrest complaint listing Rove’s crimes

Rove showing the sign of the horns

Rove flashing the horns… always knew he was a Gangsta. (Source: The Uptake)

FBI whistleblower and local anti-war activist extraordinaire, Coleen Rowley, continued her quest to arrest Rove (whether citizens’ or by local police) for his deep involvement in the political and propagandistic chicanery leading up to the invasion of Iraq. Rove signed her copy of his book, but he ultimately refused to have his photo taken—especially since she was wearing a T-shirt depicting him in jumpsuit orange on the cover of an issue of Doing Time magazine.

Rowley also submitted an arrest complaint to police at the U of M event—citing election fraud, conspiracy to defraud the United States and submitting false information leading to the war in Iraq and the illegal detainment and torture of prisoners in Guantanamo:

Under the authority provided private persons by the Minnesota Code Sections 629.30, 629.37 and 629.39 (listed on the reverse side) you, Karl Christian Rove, are being placed under arrest for high crimes against the people of the United States committed during your role as Deputy Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush as well as while serving as campaign consultant during the U.S. presidential elections of 2000 and 2004.

In her article describing the event, Karl Rove: No courage. No consequences. Yet., Rowley concludes:

Let’s hope our Rovian books, doubly autographed as they are, are worth something at a future Road House Auction a hundred years from now when our country has hopefully recovered from this sad episode marked by unjustified wars, torture, illegal politicizing of government, dereliction of official duty and other unconscionable acts thought up by “Bush’s Brain”.

Rowley wanted to show her personal handcuffs from her FBI days to Karl as a suggestion that his days eluding prosecution are numbered. All he got from this reporter was a handshake and a confident stare from a member of the 9/11 Truth community. It’s probably impossible to get under the skin of an unapologetic madman such as Karl Rove, but perhaps the evil genius rubs off.


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