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Representative Kline gets defensive about NDAA provisions targeting U.S. citizens, but supports auditing the Fed.


A surprise pop quiz for America on St. Patrick’s Day from We Are Change Minnesota.


Local rap artist Brother Ali shares his thoughts and calls for unity and the opening of hearts and minds.


Ron Paul on H.R. 645 and the prospect of detainment camps.


Something is terribly wrong. You may not be able to articulate what it is too eloquently, you may not quite be able to put your finger on it but it’s there, digging into your mind like a splinter.


Strategies that every parent and student should know before stepping foot into a public school facility .


Officer Hill fell under fire after he arrested 17-year-old Robert Wanek for interfering with a police investigation.


It was a beautiful Saturday morning as conservatives all over the state of Minnesota gathered for what I call, “The Great American Festival of Ignorance”.


In Madison with WAC Madison for Richard Gage’s presentation of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, activists were asked what we do and why.


Robert Wanek explains the five solutions of the “5 S Strategy”: slavery, social, superior, success and suicide.

Black Friday Madness!
December 1, 2010

A world enveloped by consumer drones, who know nothing but to BUY BUY BUY things they don’t NEED NEED NEED.


We Are Change Minnesota interviews a process instrument technician and union representative for machinists and electricians working for Amoco in the gulf region before, during and after the merger of BP with Amoco in 1998.


Karl Rove came to Minneapolis to promote his book, Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight, on April 22nd, 2010.

We Are Change Minnesota was there seeking answers to the perplexing episode at the 2008 Minnesota GOP state convention when he went out of his way to pose in a photo with an “Investigate 9/11” T-shirt.


We Are Change Minnesota confronts Rudy Giuliani on building collapse foreknowledge on 9/11, disposal of victims’ remains in landfills and refusal of support for the sick and dying 9/11 first responders.

9/11 Truth Beer
May 19, 2010

The curiousness of WTC7 called out on the bottle of “a malty, robust, jobless recovery ale”. From Building 7 to Bush v. Gore, Katrina, Lehman Brothers and the Peace Prize winning Afghanistan escalation, the caption on this beer aptly satirizes the ridiculous mess we’re in.


Unpatriotic senior American and NATO commander in Afghanistan General Stanley A. McChrystal was reported to have criticized American forces in the region for taking civilian life. “We have shot an amazing number of people, but to my knowledge, none has ever proven to be a threat.”


I was terrified. So consumed by fear was I while roaming the halls of the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel during the CPAC meeting that I mentioned to my colleagues that we may indeed fail to make it out alive as surely we must represent a wing of conservative values despised by the vast majority of neocon attendees.

The Decade of Resistance
December 31, 2009

A new year’s resolution to emerge from a decade of tyranny into one of resistance. In the spirit of "100 Signs We Are Winning," here are some of the defining moments of the past decade that have inspired ever increasing numbers to stand up and resist tyranny.


Unprecedented coverage of this year’s End The Fed rally on November 22nd. Send thanks to KSTP for helping expose this critical issue without resorting to a hit piece.


In “blue state” Minnesota, chanting, “Who is a criminal? Obama is a criminal!” is not appreciated.


Robert Wanek interviews H1N1 clinic public health director on vaccine safety and distributes information to expectant mothers arriving to be vaccinated.


We Are Change attends the ribbon cutting ceremony at the new Maple Plain water treatment facility.


Army and Air Force personnel administer the ASVAB at Breckenridge High School. When military personnel visit schools for security and help nearly daily, and police monitor and invade schools of only 340 kids we are living in a police state.


Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron shares his views on 9/11 saying, “it’s really hard to make the case that the buildings just imploded without some sort of an accelerant,” and that We Are Change Minnesota is, “right to bang the drum because we don’t know,” what really happened on 9/11.

(Warning: Explicit language)


Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek admits that, “they had a lot of cops working in the crowd,” at the 2008 Republican National Convention.

The Story of John Citara
September 17, 2009

John Citara was teacher of disabled children and a construction worker who helped amid the Ground Zero chaos, including search and rescue. Unable to work or obtain adequate healthcare, this single father of a toddler struggles to get a diagnosis and treatment that will save his life.


Senator Al Franken supports an “Open, Running 9/11 Commission”—citing the CIA’s withholding of evidence and the recommendation of 9/11 Commission member Bob Kerrey. Since the State Supreme Court’s decision, his position on the issue of continued investigation of 9/11 has become all the more pertinent.


The Obama Deception at the GOP State Central Committee Meeting.


We Are Change Minnesota calls End The Fed rally attendees to action with poetry.


History textbook chapter title reads, “1970-the Present: America in the New World Order

Dangerous Times Demand Experience

Two parties. Two competing approaches to terrorizing the people by invoking external threats. Who will inherit (and continue) the War on Terror?


High school removes “9/11 Truth Now” from t-shirt in yearbook photo.


We Are Change Minnesota interviews The Patriots founder Dr. Bob Bowman on 9/11, his experience as Air Force Advanced Space Programs Development director, “enemy combatant” status and the possibility of martial law in the U.S.


We Are Change Minnesota interviews Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth founder Richard Gage, AIA.


We Are Change Minnesota brings an audience of 278 to hear Richard Gage present evidence of demolition on 9/11 and Bob Bowman call for a return to government that follows the Constitution, honors the truth and serves the people.


Immortal Technique shares his thoughts on 9/11 Truth, global politics and power, betrayal of civil liberties and mankind’s destiny.


Mythbusters must not be able to recreate an accurate scientific experiment mirroring the “myths” on 9/11.


We Are Change Minnesota interviews Iraq War veteran Mike Salas


Police entered a Lakeville residence in the middle of the night because the garage door was open.


We Are Change Minnesota interviews FBI whistleblower Colleen Rowley at the 2008 National Conference for Media Reform.

9/11 Truth - Overcoming Psychological Barriers

The 9/11 cover-up received modest attention at this year’s National Conference for Media Reform.


Dan Rather speaks with We Are Change Minnesota about his comments on the collapse of WTC7—that it looked like it was, “deliberately destroyed by well placed dynamite to knock it down.”


Karl Rove showing his support for the 9/11 truth movement in Rochester Minnesota today shortly after the Minnesota Republican Convention.


Former Minnesota lawmakers support a new investigation of 9/11.

Bill Clinton Bohemian Grove

Bill Clinton highly recommends the Bohemian club to We Are Change Minnesota.


House Judiciary Committee chairman John Conyers confronted by We Are Change Minnesota about not impeaching war criminals still in office and for not reopening 9/11.


The Riverview theater in Minneapolis overflowed with attendees to a free screening of 9/11 Press for Truth.

Fox 9 reporter Rob Olsen commendably gives voice to the opinion that, “[W]e should just keep asking questions and finding out really if there are people who still to this day should be held accountable for what happened six years ago.”


We Are Change Minnesota tells candidate Barack Obama to support a new investigation of 9/11.